I'm r2ro!

Daydreamer and explorer of new ways of helping brands engage with people.

a.k.a: A Digital Creative Director and Full Stack Designer living in a world where Strategy and Creativity had a baby called Results.

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UX_UI Designer,
Creative Strategist,
Bedroom DJ

I’m a Freelance Designer & Creative Consultant. I design strategic solutions for all kinds of problems. And I design while bouncing to a “funky beat”.

I help brands get their voice out there, and get consumers to love their products. Specializing in digital design, creative strategy and consumer experience, allows me to create solutions for businesses’ problems, not just making things pretty.

The Work I’ve Done

UX/UI Design

Young Living become a member screen
Young Living checkout page
Desktop view of Facebook post
Young Living mobile cart view
Young Living virtual office view
Young Living

Joining the Family

Complete redesign of the Online Member Enrollment experience. My role went from helping redefine a core business problem of how Member Types were positioned to co-managing the UX strategy and redesigning the complete UI of the platform. By leading brainstorm sessions with the client, both at client side and agency, I helped create a type of relationship and change from a project-based approach to a long-term strategical partner model with the agency.

*This project is still in development and I want to protect sensitive information. To learn more about it, please contact me.
I know.
You are dying to see more projects. You are in luck, there are so many more! Especially about Mobile App Design, Integrated Campaigns, Facebook Canvas Design, and more.
So, if you want to talk about other projects or be notified when the next one is live, contact me now.

How I Work

Skillset and level of experience requires a perfect balance to achieve that perfect mix between the creative, the strategy and the user experience, and how that will play in tune with your target.
This mix allows me to help every client from Hello to Hello Again.


+ Creative Direction
+ Ideation Sessions
+ UX/UI Design
+ Copywriting
+ Audio/Video Design
+ Front End Dev


+ Target Definition
+ User Flows & Personas
+ Consumer Insights
+ Messaging Maps
+ Brand Ecosystem


+ Stakeholder Interviews
+ Competitive Analysis
+ Full Pitch Development
+ Presentation Design


+ Campaign Tracking
+ User Tracking
+ Trends Identification
+ Creative Optimization

Epic Brands I Call Clients

I've worked with local and international clients, from small family owned to Fortune 10 companies around the world. Also, I’ve won local and international awards as a result of the amazing relationships and solutions we’ve created together. In my world, anything is possible with any brand.

01 Verizon
02 Walmart
03 Toyota
04 Lexus
05 Bank of America
06 Young Living
07 Wendys
07 go90
09 Dewars
10 Pampers
11 Olay
12 Claro
15 P&G

Can I help you with some work?

Let’s solve a problem together. You bring your needs, I’ll bring experience, passion, knowledge, creativity, and a lot of laughs. You can always contact me thru your own email with

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